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Written by Ossie Davis

Start an Ossie Davis Endowment Giving Circle in your community.

A Giving Circle is a local group of donors who recognize the value of Ossie Davis’ contributions and his passion for education. They organize a creative strategy to raise funds for the endowment. Ossie Davis Endowment Giving Circles are approved by the Campaign office and provided with the necessary start-up materials to build support for this historical endeavor. Please email us to start your giving circle.


Ossie Davis Endowment Launch 2008

2008 is the Ossie Davis Endowment launch year. The “event engine” of our launch is “The People of Clarendon County” written by Ossie Davis and read once in 1955 by Ossie, Ruby Dee and Sidney Poitier. We are embarking on a 10 city celebrity tour reading of this educational play written in commemoration of Brown v. Board of Education. Scholarship applications will be available soon.

The People of Clarendon County

“Art by LeiSha Starchia”

The Celebrity Reading Series will return in 2009 as we continue to raise awareness across the country about the Ossie Davis Endowment and the need for education. We were honored to have the participation of several celebrities and friends of Mr. Davis.

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